world cup winning hero? murcury music prize nominee? oscar winner?

Well, no. I can claim none of the above, but I can claim to have helped a large number of companies and organisations improve their communications through good ideas, implemented well.

In my long(ish) career, I've jumped around a bit, freelanced a lot, worked with a number of great companies and people (and one or two not so great), and had a lot of job titles. I've been a Design Director, Senior Creative, Project Manager, Account Manager, Project Leader, Creative Lead, Graphic Designer, Copywriter, Marketing Manager and at one time, Sales Assistant, but, with the exception of the last one, all these roles involved solving communication challenges and finding the right solutions. Actually, even the last one was in the same ballpark - helping people find the soundtrack section in Andy's Records could be construed as a communication service, I guess!

As a designer, I tend not to wear polo neck jumpers, slogan t-shirts or have artfully curved facial hair, but apart from that I'm a fully signed up creative. Communication is so much more than colours, shapes and words. They need to be the RIGHT colours and shapes. You need to use the RIGHT words, in the RIGHT order to talk to your audience whether you are selling (and let's face it, it's nearly always 'selling') products or services, ideas or manifestos, and getting it right is what keeps me interested and excited about design. And simply too busy to play wide-left for England, write that killer LP or act with Kate Winslet.

©2011 Stephen Constable