hold on, I've got an idea...

Graphic design, copywriting, website creation, marketing strategy, communication - or to give all this a proper title, 'Ideas'. What I do is give you, or your company, the edge in a fitful market place. Getting noticed is part of it, but you need to be saying something too, once you do get noticed. I can help you do all of that.

From simple flyers to an integrated marketing campaign, I'll work with you to decide what it is you need first, and then how best to do it.

Results? We do results...

enough about me...

Of course, it's not just about me. There are plenty of benefits for you, too.

I provide flexibility. By utilising my services, peaks and troughs in requirements can easily be smoothed over. One week the need might be full time, while the next might only warrant a couple of hours of editing. By finding a mutually beneficial arrangement, your company can get the best creatively, and financially.

I can work at your premises, or at mine. Idea generation can be, and sometimes should be, a lonely business. Options are always useful when a deadline looms.

I really like reading. I mostly over-research subjects. Friends and family often stare into space while I tell them all about the latest trend in whichever industry I happen to be working, but clients love it.

You can take advantage of my experience. I have produced advertising and marketing campaigns, designed brochures and websites, and written reports and presentations, newsletters and press releases for quite a few different industries now.

By definition, I'd love to find out more about you and your company, and hope I get the chance to do just that.